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Guggenheim Bilbao

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The menu

The menu


Oysters, borage, chives juice and lemon grass 18€
Shrimps, white endive, lime and vanilla 26€
Prawn with mushrooms and beer juice 33€
Natural foie gras, white turnip and orange mint 23€
Red cardoon with clams and black sauce 23€
White beans cooked with chorizo pepper, quail and thyme 18€


Grilled sea bass, spinach, coconut and watercress 33€
Fried hake, "cabello de ángel" pumpkin and green sauce 27€
Red mullet on his own juice with cardamom and carrots 32€


Rack of lamb, quinoa, leek with mint and Sherry broth 31€
Beef tenderloin, red beets gnocchi and roasted pepper juice 27€
Duck foie gras, artichokes and black olive juice 35€
Veal sweetbreads, lettuce and red radish 28€


Pure chocolate and spicy marzipan sand 12€
Pear, spices, mint and yuzu ice cream 12€
"Cabello de ángel" pumpkin, banana and lemon ice cream 12€


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